Bethany Spotlight


CiscoThis Month We Feature the Cisco Family

This month the youth cell group has been talking about death and dying. In order to get the kids to open up a little bit, we went on a visit to Cisco’s Funeral Home. Bob and his wife, Karen, and their family have been a part of Bethany for a long time. They do so much for their church. Both have been on many committees and lend a helping hand when needed. One thing I appreciate is the Cisco’s have opened their home to one of the adult cell groups. It takes a special family to give up their home for 12 nights.

This time they opened the funeral home to the teenagers. Bob took the kids on a tour through the facility and showed them each step in the funeral process. The kids really enjoyed it, and had many questions for him. He even had donuts and cider for the kids after they were finished!

If you haven’t yet had a chance to know Bob and Karen, you are really missing out. Thank you so much Cisco’s for your warmth and hospitality. Also thank you so much for taking time out for the youth of Bethany!

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